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Building Reliable and Efficient Genset Diesel Engines

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Want dependable generators to power your agricultural pumps? Look no further - the pros at Gary's Precision Diesel in Twin Falls, ID have experience in that too. We build efficient and top-quality genset diesel engines just for you.

"Power" to the people

Our diesel genset engine makes sure everything stays on when it should, delivering fuel-efficient performance and clean running. We also offer diesel engine repairs to keep your equipment working its best year after year.

We'll meet all your irrigation needs effectively.

SAVE BIG with our diesel gensets

SAVE BIG with our diesel gensets

By choosing to use our portable diesel engine, you'll be able to save money. Why spend a lot on electricity when you can use a portable generator to power your agriculture pumps?

We stand behind our work

We stand behind our work

We give you a TWO-YEAR WARRANTY on any engine we build. Call us at 208-731-1089 to find out more. And be sure to ask about our reliable diesel engine repair services.